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Why Western Red Cedar?

We uses only Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) for many reasons:

  • Natural oils in the wood (Thujic acid) act as a preservative preventing decay and inhibiting invasion by insects.
  • High in-place dimensional stability and comparative strength. Resists splitting. Cedar has a tight, straight grain and does not warp and twist as much as other woods.
  • Western Red Cedar handles moisture very well. One reason why it is used in saunas all over the world.
  • Logged in managed forests ensuring protection of the species and guaranteed harvest.
  • Exceptional acoustic properties. High sound transmission loss and absorption coefficient.
  • Exceptional insulation properties. Delivers a higher insulation value than most woods and considerably greater than that of brick or concrete. Buildings stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Energy efficiency. As determined by the Canadian National Research Council, western red cedar log homes are the most energy efficient for all Canadian climates - regardless of home heating fuel.
  • Naturally aromatic. A fragrance much used for environmental enhancement, containing natural aromatics that repel moths and other damaging insects. Plus it eliminates unwelcome odors and mustiness of stored fabrics, linens, clothing, rugs, etc.
  • A lightweight wood easy to handle and cost effective to transport.
  • Undisputed beauty. A range of warm and natural color tones, a depth of luster and richly textured grain.
  • Cedar is free of pitch and resins and accepts finishes such as transparent or full-bodied stains and paints readily.


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